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Johfra (1919-1998)

maandag, 16 februari 2009

20th Century Dutch fine painters

The Victor Linford Foundation presents a filmed portrait about the painter Johfra. Next to f.e. Dalí, Fuchs and Willink Johfra is one of the founders of fantastic realism in the 20th century in Europe. The Dutchman Johannes Fransiscus Gijsbertus van den Berg was born in The Hague, Holland. He lived in France since the 1960’s, he died in 1998 in the Dordogne.


A Presentation in Style - (V.Linford 1940-2002)

zondag, 8 februari 2009

Victor Linford was a prominent member of the Meta-Realist Movement, together with Johfra, Ellen Lórien, Diana van den Berg and Johan Hermsen. Linford was, as you may see in this video, a highly talented artist in the craft of fine-painting. His work is still well-known in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, France, Israel etc.

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